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Rothewald Circlip Pliers
4-Piece, Diameter: 10-50mm

Rothewald Circlip Pliers are the ideal tool for removing circlips. Poking around with screwdrivers and combination pliers is not only unprofessional, but usually ends up completely ruining the circlip or worse still perhaps, the fiddly job can drive you mad.

The 4-piece Rothewald Circlip Pliers Set comprises sturdy professional tools that will solve every circlip problem.

  • Suitable for internal and external circlips
  • One pair of pliers for all sizes
  • Incl. 3 interchangeable tips 45°, 90°, 180°
  • For circlips with 10 - 50 mm diameter
  • Length: 150 mm
4 550 Ft (3 583 Ft + ÁFA)  


Craft-Meyer Blind Rivet Set
With Pliers

Sturdy and easy-to-use manual riveter from Craft-Meyer. With anti-slip handles, 4 interchangeable inserts and a wrench for changing the inserts.

The set comprises:

  • 15 rivets in each of the diameters 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8
  • Ideal for a thousand and one jobs: repairing, reinforcing and lining; equally suitable for both sheet metal and plastic parts; also for securing seat covers, locks, handles etc.
  • Length of pliers: approx 25 cm
4 550 Ft (3 583 Ft + ÁFA)  

Craft-Meyer screwdriver set

Craft-Meyer screwdriver set

Yet another screwdriver set? Why? Because this set from Craft-Meyer offers so much more: the *39-pc compact, ergonomic screwdriver set for one thousand and one uses* - made of high-quality chrome vanadium-steel!
The robust console is extremely practical and ensures that each tool and each bit has its place and is easy to find.

The screwdriver set comprises the following tools:

  • 7 x slotted screwdrivers: 6.5 x 38, 5.5 x 75, 6.5 x 100, 8.0 x 150, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0
  • 6 x cross-head screwdrivers: PH2 x 38, PH1 x 75, PH2 x 100, PH3 x 150, PH00, PH0
  • 3 x slotted bits: 4, 5, 6
  • 3 x cross bits: PH0, PH1, PH2
  • 2 x cross-slot bits: PZ1, PZ2
  • 3 x star (torx) bits: T20, T25, T30
  • 3 x Torx screwdrivers: T6, T8, T10
  • 5 x hexagon bits: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • 5 x hexagon sockets: 7, 8, 9, 10
  • 1 x ratchet screwdriver
  • 1 x magnetiser +/-


  • Ergonomic 2-component handles
  • High-quality chrome-vanadium steel
  • Console can be wall-mounted
7 000 Ft (5 512 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore Bit Driver, short

The compact multi-bit screwdriver from Gedore is ideal for working in confined spaces. Especially practical for your travel tool kit.


  • Easy-grip shape, made from impact-resistant plastic
  • 6.3 mm fixed bit holder made of vanadium steel
  • Chromed
  • Equipped with a magnetic bit holder
  • Overall length: 80 mm
4 550 Ft (3 583 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore Multi-Grip 676

The success of any job you do on your motorcycle depends on the tools at your disposal. So to make sure of professional results, it's best to choose high-quality tools. The Multi-Grip from Gedore, for example.

This ergonomic, anti-slip screwdriver handle, made of a rubber-plastic composite, is designed for optimal force transmission and fatigue-free working. It can be used in combination with the Gedore Bit Set, the Carolus Handle Adapter, or other bit holders.

  • 6.3 mm internal hex holder
  • Overall length 91 mm
1 750 Ft (1 378 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore combination pliers angled 160 mm

What a brilliant idea! Combination pliers with a 60° angled head. And who do you think is behind it? Gedore. Who else! It's easy to see why we consider this a brilliant tool. These small pliers enable you to apply an amazing amount of leverage to any nut, bolt or wire. And, what's more, they're compact enough to fit comfortably in any travel tool kit. So where can you buy this super-tool, and other Gedore specialities? From Louis! Who else!

  • For the toughest jobs
  • Combination pliers with 60° angled head and specially offset teeth in the gripping surfaces
  • Optimal utilisation of the manual force applied
  • The design of these pliers makes them comfortable to grip
  • and ensures fatigue-free working for a prolonged period
  • High-grade GEDORE specially hardened steel for higher cutting power and longer life
  • Induction hardened precision jaw edges with a hardness of 63-65 HRC
  • For all wires, including piano wire, 1.6 mm
  • Hot drop-forged
  • Chromed, with anti-slip 2-component handle sleeves
8 750 Ft (6 890 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore L-Keys
With Double Ball Point

For us motorcycle riders, in particular, tools designed for working in a confined space are always extremely welcome. The GEDORE Hexagon Keys with ball point at each end, for example.

These hexagon keys are made of high-quality 59CrV4 vanadium tool steel, galvanised, in sturdy, durable workshop quality. Strong ball points allow the hex keys to be used at an angle of +/- 25° in confined spaces, while still applying optimal force.
The low profile means this tool can be used in places that cannot be reached with other L-keys. What's more, it reduces the risk of hurting your fingers when working on a level surface.

Contains: 42 DKEL 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm
Ball point angle of use: +/- 25°
Total weight: 400 g

12 950 Ft » 10 500 Ft (8 268 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore Multi-Pliers
With 5 Functions

The Gedore Multi-Pliers are extremely versatile for both mechanical and electronic work. You can use these pliers for gripping, cutting, stripping cables and crimping connectors.

They are made of forged Gedore special tempered steel, with induction hardened cutting edges, suitable for 1.6 mm medium-hard wire. The combination of numerous functions and compact size (180 mm long) make these pliers ideal for your travel tool kit.


  • Stripping electrical cables with 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 mm² cross-section
  • Crimping insulated vehicle crimp connectors (not Japanese connectors) and cable end sleeves
  • Ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle
  • Induction hardened precision cutting edges with an edge hardness of 62-64 HRC
  • Gedore special tempered steel, drop-forged, oil-hardened and tempered
  • Toothed gripping surface
  • 13 mm long cutting edge
10 500 Ft (8 268 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore 3-pc Wrench Set S 8393

With this 3-piece pliers set from Gedore, you can get a grip on virtually anything. Each individual pair of pliers does its job perfectly - and together they make an unbeatable team. For cutting, gripping, pinching - you are well equipped for countless jobs. And, of course these pliers offer the renowned Gedore tool quality.

This practical set comprises:

  • Universal pliers. Fine adjustment with 15 settings, securely and simply via the pushbutton on the head of the pliers. No accidental misadjustment, and no slipping when working on pipes.
  • High-leverage combination pliers. This tool gives you maximum leverage for easy wire cutting, including piano wire. Uniformly high force transmission is ensured by the convex handle shape. The slimline head makes it easy to use these pliers in confined spaces.
  • High-leverage side cutters, Swedish model. Like all cutting pliers from Gedore, these side cutters are equipped with BCP = Best Cutting Power, i.e. the optimal cutting position which fully utilises the force applied is indicated on the head of the cutters.

36 030 Ft » 21 000 Ft (16 535 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore pliers-set 2-pieces
S 8394 JC

There are some tools that should be in every toolbox and every motorcycle workshop. And they're also invaluable for emergency repairs when touring on your motorbike. We're talking about the high-leverage combination pliers and side cutters from Gedore. You can always rely completely on these two high-quality tools - for gripping, cutting, and loosening bolts etc.

  • High-leverage combination pliers. This tool gives you maximum leverage at the cutting surface for easy wire cutting, even including piano wire. The convex shape of the handles ensures high and uniform leverage. Please note the Best Cutting Power marking, which indicates the optimal cutting point. In addition, the slim head of these pliers makes them ideal for gripping or loosening parts where space is restricted.
  • High-leverage side cutters, Swedish model. If control cables, for example, prove too tough for the high-leverage combination pliers, you should try this tool instead. The job will be done in an instant. Like all cutting pliers from Gedore, these side cutters feature BCP = Best Cutting Power, i.e. the optimal cutting position which fully utilises the force applied is indicated on the head of the cutters.
22 860 Ft » 10 500 Ft (8 268 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore Screwdriver Set, 6-piece

Slimline, easy-grip screwdrivers in the professional quality you expect from Gedore - tools that you always need! They are manufactured from high-strength 31CrV3 vanadium steel. Ergonomically designed, anti-slip handle made of a rubber-plastic composite for optimal force transmission and fatigue-free working.

Contains four slotted screwdrivers with 4, 5.5, 6.5 and 8 mm wide blades and two Phillips screwdrivers, Ph1 and PH2.

19 200 Ft » 7 000 Ft (5 512 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore screwdriver-set with striking cap

Heavy duty screwdrivers with hexagon bolsters and striking caps in the professional quality you expect from Gedore They are manufactured from molybdenum-vanadium-Plus tempered steel. Ergonomically designed, anti-slip handle made of a rubber-plastic composite for optimal force transmission and fatigue-free working.

Contains four slotted screwdrivers with 4, 5.5, 6.5 and 8 mm wide blades and two Phillips screwdrivers, PH1 and PH2. For additional power every skrewdriver posesses a hexagon bolster for 8/10/13 mm wrench keys an a striking cap for hammer blows.

28 320 Ft » 14 000 Ft (11 024 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gedore Screwdriver Set, 5-piece, with
wooden handle

If you're passionate about classic motorbikes, and love the idea of transforming a bulky 1980s machine into a stylish café racer, then you'll certainly need the right tools. Bearing in mind that such vintage bikes often have lots of slot-head screws and bolts, it makes sense to get the right screwdrivers for the job. For example, the 5-piece Gedore screwdriver set with wooden handles.

This set contains 3 slot-head and 2 cross-head screwdrivers which are a perfect fit for just about any screw you'll come across on older bikes.
And the quality of these tools will bring a smile to any DIY mechanic's face.

  • Exactly the right combination of screwdrivers, as a set which comes in an environmentally friendly cardboard pack
  • For slot-head and cross-head screws
  • Through blade, chromed GEDORE vanadium-steel 50CrV4
  • Hardwood handle, clear varnished with leather cap
  • Forged hex bolster for applying extra torque with a box or open-end wrench
  • Slot-head screwdrivers: 5.5 / 7 / 9
  • Cross-point screwdrivers: PH1, PH2

By the way -
The colour and grip/feel of the wooden handles on these professional tools will change over time and after lots of use with oily fingers. That's only natural!

17 750 Ft » 12 950 Ft (10 197 Ft + ÁFA)  


Hose Clip Pliers
200 mm, With Ratchet

No more hassle with awkward hose clips this clamp allows you to grip, squeeze and install/remove all standard hose clamps reliably. With ratchet.

Ideal for working on your car or motorcycle, e.g. on the radiator hoses.

  • Length 200 mm
  • with locking mechanism
  • incl. 2 interchangeable jaws
4 900 Ft (3 858 Ft + ÁFA)  


Knipex cobolt S, black
atramentised, 160 mm

If you have relatively small hands, a conventional bolt cutter can be difficult to use when you need to cut through thick wire, steel pins and such like. So we recommend KNIPEX CoBolt S compact bolt cutters. They make any job much easier, enabling you to apply far more force than with normal bolt cutters (up to 60% less effort required). This is due to the ingenious joint design on this professional tool.

The CoBolt is very compact and measures just 160 mm. Its design gives extremely good leverage with minimal friction. The force you apply with your hand is multiplied up to 30-fold, So you can cut soft and hard wire, such as piano wire, precisely and with very little effort

  • Cuts through bolts, nails, rivets etc. up to 4.4 mm dia.
  • Highly efficient joint design ensures exceptional cutting performance with little effort
  • Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened
  • Edge hardness approx. 64 HRC
  • The microstructure on the cutting edges keeps the material being cut in a favourable position, thus making optimal use of the cutting mechanism
  • With gripping surface below the joint for gripping and pulling wires with a diameter down to 1.0 m
  • Chrome-vanadium heavy-duty steel (forged and multi-stage oil-hardened)
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Length: 160 mm
  • Weight: 190 g
10 500 Ft (8 268 Ft + ÁFA)  

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