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Acebikes Loading Ramp
alum., max. load 340 kg

When you need to load your motorcycle onto a trailer or transporter and there's no loading ramp available, that's when the folding aluminium ramp from Acebikes comes to the rescue. The sturdy design, high-grade aluminium and light weight make this a super product. Special plastic parts help to prevent scratches or other damage to your machine. And for extra safety, a lashing strap is included for securing the ramp.


  • High-grade aluminium
  • Max. load 340 kg
  • Unfolded length: 114 cm
  • Open length: 220 cm
  • Width: 31 cm
  • Weight: 7.3 kg

Incl. Securing strap

42 000 Ft (33 071 Ft + ÁFA)  


Acebikes Bike-A-Side
Motorcycle Mover

Have you ever lifted something weighing hundreds of kilos and manoeuvred it in every direction as if it were as light as a feather? Impossible, you might say. But, in fact, it's no problem at all! At least not for Acebikes, because their engineers have come up with something very special, once again.

Namely, the Acebikes Bike-a-side motorcycle mover for large bikes weighing up to approx. 450 kg! A fantastic thing to have in any workshop or garage - easy to use wherever space is too restricted for "normal" parking.

The Bike-a-side couldn't be simpler to use. Ride your bike's front wheel onto the motorcycle mover, or push the mover under your bike from the side. Then simply put your bike on its centre stand and raise it using the side-mounted lever. The 65-mm ball bearing-mounted heavy-duty wheels allow you to comfortably manoeuvre your motorcycle and park it in places with difficult access.

Bike-a-side in detail:

  • Makes it easier to lift and move your motorcycle
  • Lightweight and very durable construction
  • Comfortable, controlled lifting and lowering with the lever
  • 4 x 65 mm smooth-running heavy-duty wheels with ball bearings allow manoeuvring in all directions
  • Also suitable for use on uneven surfaces
  • For motorcycles weighing up to 450 kg
  • Very grippy bottom surface for fast and reliable braking

Material: steel
Net weight: approx. 16.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 49 x 85 x 10 cm

Important: We recommend always having a second person to assist you when using the Acebikes Bike-a-side, but with a little practice, it can also be used single-handedly.

77 000 Ft (60 630 Ft + ÁFA)  


Acebikes Carry Bag
for loading ramps

The optimal carry bag for storing and transporting your loading ramp.

  • Material: Textile
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 0.66 kg
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 120x17x32 cm

Suitable for loading ramps 10010059 & 10002798

7 000 Ft (5 512 Ft + ÁFA)  

Acebikes lashing hook set

Acebikes lashing hook set
D-ring, 4 pcs

If you're looking to equip your van, pick-up or trailer to make it easier to transport your motorbike or other vehicles, what you need is some good anchoring points for the hooks on your lashing straps. The set of 4 D-rings from Acebikes does the job perfectly. Bolted down on any rigid surface, together they will hold 550 kg securely. And basically for ever. After all, each D-ring and plate is electroplated and galvanised.

  • Load capacity: 550 kg
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 7 x 4 x 1 cm
  • Material: Galvanised steel
  • What you get: 4 D-rings with plates, incl. 8 hex bolts (M6 x 25 mm) with lock nuts and 16 washers.
3 500 Ft (2 756 Ft + ÁFA)  


Acebikes Lashing rails
2 Pieces Incl. Carabineer

ACEBIKES Transport Tie-Down Rail Set

Secure your motorbike on your trailer or in your van so that it will not move an inch.

These sturdy tie-down rails, made of galvanised steel, are bolted permanently, left and right, to the floor of the transport vehicle or trailer, enabling you to attach lashing straps securely and with variable positioning.


  • 2 tie-down rails
  • Each rail is 80 cm long
  • 4 carabiners
  • Incl. fittings
17 500 Ft (13 780 Ft + ÁFA)  


Acebikes Loading Ramp
Aluminum, Max Load 680kg

Heavy-duty loading ramp from ACEBIKES

Extremely sturdy loading ramp from ACEBIKES, made of high-grade aluminium for loading motorbikes onto a trailer or transporter. For motorbikes weighing up to 680 kg. Equipped with a very robust hinge. Weighing just 12 kg, the ramp folds up quickly and easily for convenient, space-saving storage.

Dimensions and specifications:

  • Width approx. 28.5 cm
  • Length when folded: 114 cm
  • Height when folded: 14.5 cm
  • Length when unfolded: 223 cm
  • Loading height up to approx. 100 cm
  • Weight: approx. 12 kg
  • Max. load: 680 kg
  • Incl. Safety straps to prevent the ramp slipping
  • Comes with practical carry handles
59 500 Ft (46 850 Ft + ÁFA)  

ACEBIKES Transport Set

ACEBIKES Transport Set
Louis Special Edition

ACEBIKES Transport-Set - Louis Special Edition

This Transport Set from ACEBIKES contains all the key components that you need for transporting your motorcycle safely - only available from Louis!

The Transport Set comprises:

ACEBIKES SteadyStand Basic Fix (Order no. 10002863)

Steadystand motorbike stands offer outstanding quality and precision engineering for maximum stability. Simply push your bike into the stand and it will stand securely in seconds. It makes servicing and repairs, or permanent parking, so much simpler. Your motorcycle will take up less space, whether in the garage or on a transporter or trailer.

The galvanised Fix stand can be bolted to any level surface on trailers, in transporters or on a hoist. Once your motorcycle is secured in the Steadystand, it needs no support, and can be lashed down quickly and easily. Of course, the motorbike stand can also be permanently installed in a garage or carport.

  • Suitable for motorcycles with 10 to 19-inch wheels and a tyre width from 90 mm to 130 mm.
  • For safe parking and transportation
  • Extremely stable stand.
  • Superbly engineered
  • Dimensions of SteadyStand Fix (W x D x H) approx. 21 x 62 x 38 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5.3 kg

ACEBIKES TyreFix Basic (Order no. 10010119)

It???s amazing how ingeniously simple the perfect solution to a problem can actually be! Take the TyreFix Basic from Acebikes, for example. If you've ever had to transport your motorbike, you'll know that it's essential to secure your machine properly to the bed of the transport vehicle or trailer! The wheels must remain stationary to ensure that if you brake sharply, your bike will stay upright and will not start to wander.

This is exactly the job for which the Acebikes Transport Securing System was designed. TyreFix Basic is placed over the rear tyre and then fixed with suitable lashing straps. The side of the TyreFix Basic that is in contact with the tyre is made of an especially grippy material to prevent the tyre from slipping. Your bike is completely secure.

Special features:

  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Special non-slip material on the inside
  • Set is divided into various securing elements
  • Suitable for every size of motorcycle tyre
  • High-quality, durable materials

ACEBIKES BrakeFix (Order no. 10002553)

The Brake Lever Jammer for locking the front brake on all types of motorcycle.

You simply attach the BrakeFix to the brake lever and handlebar. With the front wheel locked by the brake, your motorbike stands firm and secure. This makes for safer parking, even on sloping ground. The jammer also helps to prevent costly mishaps when transporting your motorbike or raising it on a hoist. Suitable for transportation for short periods (e.g. ferry crossings).

Please note: Lashing straps are not included in the set. Please order separately.

55 990 Ft » 45 500 Ft (35 827 Ft + ÁFA)  


Acebikes U-Turn Motor Mover
motorcycle dolly

Turning a motorcycle around in a narrow garage or workshop can be a real problem. The ideal solution is the U-Turn Motor Mover from Acebikes. This extremely practical bike mover enables you to reposition your motorcycle (130 cm to 152.5 cm wheelbase and weighing up to 275 kg) with minimal effort. Turning, moving sideways, forwards and backwards - your motorbike almost manoeuvres itself!

At a glance:

  • The easy way to lift and manoeuvre your motorcycle
  • Perfect for confined spaces
  • High quality
  • This motorcycle dolly is lightweight and rugged
  • Four sturdy swivel wheels, 75 mm
  • Suitable for motorcycles with a 130 cm to 152.5 cm wheelbase
  • Quickly adapted without any additional tools
  • Max. load 275 kg

Good to know:
When you're not using your lightweight Acebikes U-Turn Motor Mover, you can simply fold it up using the handle and store it away easily thanks to its lightweight design.

77 000 Ft (60 630 Ft + ÁFA)  


Econ Scissor Lift Jack Adapter Set

The adapter kit for the Econ 300 Scissor Lift Jack comprises seven parts. They are each made of high-grade galvanized and/or coated steel.

The range of applications comprises:
Two 55 mm or two 105 mm long Y-attachments can be movably fitted lengthways, allowing the Econ Scissor Lift Jack to be positioned under the lower frame tubes of motorcycles whose exhaust or oil sump projects beyond the frame.
A wheel platform allows the rear wheel of a motorcycle that is standing on a hoist to be raised and lowered with millimetre accuracy for fitting/removing. So the push-fit axle can be inserted without having to hold the heavy bike by hand.

Set consists of:

  • 2 support adapters
  • 2 Y-adapters, short
  • 2 Y-adapters, long
  • 1 wheel adapter plate
17 500 Ft (13 780 Ft + ÁFA)  


Rothewald Adaptor Set For
Scissor Lift Jack, 8-Piece

Rothewald Spare Adapter Set for motorcycle scissor lift jack, 8-piece

Six rubber-lined adapters for supporting motorbikes with tubular frame (e.g. if there are projecting engine parts) on the Rothewald scissor lift jack (Order no. 10003265) and two mounting brackets for the adapters.

  • Adapter heights approx. 7 cm, 9.5 cm and 11 cm.
  • All the adapters have a sturdy, rubber-lined support surface
5 250 Ft (4 134 Ft + ÁFA)  


Alum. Tread Plate For Econ
Hoist/Loading Ramp

With this ECON aluminium tread plate, you can protect your ECON hoist ramp and give it a lot more grip at the same time.

The aluminium plate is predrilled and countersunk, and a set of bolts is included. The hoist ramps are also predrilled ready for installation.

  • Compatible with ECON EH and FH motorcycle hoists
  • Predrilled ready for installation
  • Set of bolts included
10 500 Ft (8 268 Ft + ÁFA)  


Rothewald Bobbin Adaptors

Rothewald Bobbin Adaptors

For converting the Paddock Stand Order no. 10003310 for use with bobbins.

  • Please order the right bobbins for your vehicle separately.
10 500 Ft (8 268 Ft + ÁFA)  


Econ Alum. Tread Plate
Central EH400/EH530/FH350

Aluminium tread plate for parking a motorcycle on Econ hoists, using the centre stand or sidestand.

Protects the paintwork and makes the surface of your ECON hoist considerably grippier in the area of the centre stand/sidestand. The aluminium plate is predrilled and countersunk, and a set of bolts is included. The hoists are also predrilled accordingly.

  • Compatible with ECON EH400/EH530 and FH350 motorcycle hoists
  • Predrilled ready for installation
  • Set of bolts included
  • Size: 60 x 60 cm
15 750 Ft (12 402 Ft + ÁFA)  


Econ Chassis Set For
EH/FH Motorcycle Hoists

The Econ wheelset for EH and FH hoists allows the empty hoist to be manoeuvred in the workshop. Indispensable if there is not enough space for the hoist to be left permanently in one place.

Supplied as a set with four wheels and fittings.
Please note: For safety reasons, the hoist must only be manoeuvred when empty (no vehicle on the hoist)! Econ Type FH and EH motorcycle hoists have predrilled, internally threaded holes for mounting the wheels.

70 000 Ft (55 118 Ft + ÁFA)  


Econ Compr. Air Connection
For EH Motorcycle Hoists

The compressed air connection for Econ EH motorcycle hoists comprises a bracket for bolting onto the mounting plate of the hoist and the push-fit nipple for connecting a feed line in or on the base. In addition, there is a flexible hose to the hoist plate with an upper connection for a tyre inflator, air ratchet, blow gun etc.

Can also be installed on other hoist models if the mounting plate is suitably drilled and the connection bracket for a feed line can be fastened on the base.

  • Compatible with all ECON EH motorcycle hoists
  • Hoist plates are predrilled ready for installation
35 000 Ft (27 559 Ft + ÁFA)  

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