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You can trust the expertise of the international OEM. Louis sells the original kit (comprising chain + front/rear sprockets) from the Japanese manufacturer Daido Corp. and its authorised German importer. Never settle for second best.

  • D.I.D chains in these original kits always conform to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers and/or Daido Corp. Click on "Catalogue page in PDF format" below to find out whether a particular chain kit contains an endless chain or an open chain with rivet-type or clip connecting link.

  • The catalogue page includes a column "S", which contains the following codes: E = endless chain, N = open chain with rivet-type connecting link and C = open chain with clip connecting link.
As a general rule, we recommend that, for your own safety, endless chains should not be modified prior to fitting. If, however, this would involve dismantling the swing arm and you, or the workshop, wish to avoid this operation, you can also order a suitable connecting link from us. You will find a range of links if you enter the search term "Connecting link" or check in the latest Louis catalogue. You should take into account any information from the chain manufacturer concerning the warranty. This information can be found in the installation instructions for the chain set.

  • Less greasing and less tightening required. In the medium-term, an O-ring or X-ring chain is always more economical than a standard chain
  • As modern motorcycles continue to develop, drive components have to cope with ever-increasing demands. New, more powerful machines and the requirement for materials to have a longer service life demand a new solution - and it is provided by D.I.D. in the form of X-ring chains. The specially shaped sealing rings significantly alter the friction area of the links. At the same time, doubling the number of sealing points from 2 to 4 has the effect of safeguarding far more effectively against lubricant loss and also provides optimum protection against dirt.
  • All this results in an extremely long service life. This chain can effortlessly withstand major stresses and strains, and also offers noticeably improved operational characteristics.
  • All X-ring chains (with the exception of VX chains) feature gold-plated outer links.

Never attempt to install a motorcycle chain unless you have at least basic technical expertise.

57 730 Ft » 33 250 Ft (26 181 Ft + ÁFA)  

air filter mat

air filter mat
universal 750 x 500 x 14 mm

Luftfilter sind für den Motorradmotor lebenswichtig. Ist klar. Und ab und zu - in Abhängigkeit von deinen Fahrgewohnheiten - solltest du Luftfilter austauschen. Schließlich will so ein Motor frei atmen, um seine volle Leistung zu bringen. Aber musst du deshalb auch immer das "Drumherum", wie z. B. Rahmen, Gehäuse oder irgendwelchen Kunststoffteile bezahlen, in denen das neue Luftfiltermaterial eingepasst und verspannt ist? Eigentlich nicht. Hol dir die Luftfilter-Matte *Universal*, fertig.

Aus dieser Luftfilter-Schaumstoffmatte mit den Abmessungen (B x H x T): ca. 750 x 500 x 14 mm, schneidest du dir dann das passende Stück heraus und befestigst es beispielsweise mit Draht oder Kabelbindern an/in deinem Luftfiltergehäuse. In jedem Fall so, dass der Motor keine Nebenluft ziehen kann. Zum nächsten Luftfiltertausch kannst du die Universal-Filtermatte auswaschen und (natürlich trocken) wiederverwenden.
Eine einfache Möglichkeit, den Luftfilter in diversen Motorrädern und Rollern zu ersetzen.

  • Material: Schaumstoff
  • Abmessungen 750 x 500 x 14 mm

2 800 Ft (2 205 Ft + ÁFA)  


Alternator regulator
various scooter

The purpose of the alternator regulator is to convert the AC current supplied by the alternator into a DC current, and to feed it into your electrical system at the correct voltage. It also ensures that all the vehicle's electrically powered equipment receive enough power for the function they perform. However, the regulator, as part of the alternator, may fail, in which case your vehicle's battery will no longer be charged, or will even be overcharged. If this happens, it's high time for a new regulator.
The regulators available to buy are the same as the original in their design and performance.

3 850 Ft (3 031 Ft + ÁFA)  




  • It's best to fit a new aluminium sealing washer each time you do an oil change! Set of 5.
  • Available in the following sizes (sets of 5)

or a set containing one of each size:

  • M 10 x 14 x 1,5 = Order no. 10010036
  • M 12 x 18 x 1,5 = Order no. 10010037
  • M 14 x 18 x 1,5 = Order no. 10010038
  • M 16 x 20 x 1,5 = Order no. 10010039
  • M 18 x 22 x 1,5 = Order no. 10010040

Dimensions: Inside diameter x outside diameter x thickness

700 Ft (551 Ft + ÁFA)  

Aluminium washer set for oil

Aluminium washer set for oil
drain plugs, set of 5

  • It's best to fit a new aluminium washer at every oil change!
  • Set of 5.
  • Available in the following sizes (5 washers per set):
  • M 10 x 14 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012326
  • M 12 x 16 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012327
  • M 14 x 18 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012328
  • M 16 x 20 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012329
  • M 18 x 22 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012330
  • M 20 x 24 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012331
  • M 22 x 26 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012332
  • M 24 x 28 x 1,5 = Order number: 10012333

Dimensions: inside diameter x outside diameter x strength

700 Ft (551 Ft + ÁFA)  


Hő-, és kopásálló bordásszíj, mely kiváló gyári állapoptú, és tuningolt motorokhoz egyaránt. Több típushoz is rendelheted.

4 200 Ft (3 307 Ft + ÁFA)  


Precíz OEM alkatrész, a gyáriva lmegegyező anyagból.

  • Made in EU

A rendelés megkönnyítésére az eredeti gyári alkatrész számokat is feltüntettük a termékvéltozatoknál.

700 Ft (551 Ft + ÁFA)  


Gyári minőségű komplett tömítésszett. A blokkban található összes tömítést tartalmazza, a főtengelyszimeringek kivételével.

  • papír-, gumi, és fém tömítések (deklik, henger, szelepfedél, stb.)
  • O gyűrűk
  • szelepszár szimeringek
  • tűzkarikák
  • Made in EU

A képek illusztrációk.



5 250 Ft (4 134 Ft + ÁFA)  


Nélkülözhetetlen az üzemanyag-, és hűtőrendszer javításakor, vagy a kipufogó ideiglenes rögzítésére.

Méretre vágható

  • szalag: rozsdamentes acél
  • szalag hossza: 3 m
  • szalag szélessége: 8 mm
  • csavar: galvanizált acél
  • 8 bilincshez
3 500 Ft (2 756 Ft + ÁFA)  


Kfejezetten flexibilis, hőálló, lassan öregedő gyújtókábel több színben.

  • hossz: 1 m
  • átmérő: 7 mm
1 750 Ft (1 378 Ft + ÁFA)  


A híres francia kiegészítő gyártó ergonomikus, egyedi megjelenésű, igen kényelmes, prémium ülés szériája, több típushoz.

  • csúszásmentes, időjárásálló felület
  • komfortos szivacsozása nagy túrákra is kifogástalan, és hosszú évekig megtartja a formáját
  • a gyári ülésekkel szemben az utas számára is maximális komfortot ad
  • szürke/ezüst szegés, hímzés
105 000 Ft (82 677 Ft + ÁFA)  


Bagster Seat "Ready Luxe"
Premium Variant

BAGSTER Ready Luxe Comfort Seat:

Every seat from BAGSTER, the famous French motorcycle accessories maker, is ergonomically designed to suit a specific motorcycle model. And now they are also available in a premium version for even greater biking comfort. The addition of a gel insert in the seat foam makes an important difference for the rider on long journeys. An integrated seat heater with 3 settings delivers rising warmth to keep you cosy when the thermometer falls, so you can extend your biking season and still enjoy it to the full! Of course, the Luxe version offers all the other benefits you associate with standard Bagster seats - non-slip cover, optimal grip when accelerating thanks to the intelligent shape and rainproof finish! Choose the version that suits you and your motorcycle best: with gel and/or seat heater.


  • Ergonomically shaped special foam
  • Non-slip, waterproof cover
  • Plug & play installation, incl base plate
  • An eye-catching feature!
  • Also available with gel inlay and/or seat heater

Please note:

  • The edge trim and lettering are always in grey/silver.
  • +GEL = seat with integrated gel insert for rider and pillion.
  • +HEAT = seat with integrated heater, with 3 settings, for rider and pillion.
  • +GEL+HEAT = seat with integrated gel insert and heater, with 3 settings, for rider and pillion.

Our tip:
When installing heated seats, you should connect the red cable to a switched positive,
so that electric current is not supplied permanently to the heater, but only when you switch on the ignition.
This will prevent the battery from being drained accidentally.

140 000 Ft (110 236 Ft + ÁFA)  


Battery Terminal Adapter, pair

Battery terminal adapter

Enough of that fiddling around in a cramped battery compartment! This adapter fits any battery with a cable connection at the side, and allows the cables to be attached from above, which is more practical.

  • Ideal accessory for the Yamaha XV535!
  • Sold in pairs.
1 750 Ft (1 378 Ft + ÁFA)  


Battery Terminal Adapter
for Harley-Davidson

Adapter set for fitting replacement batteries to certain Harley-Davidson models.
To bridge the gap between battery connection cables and the battery terminals.

Set of

  • 2 hex bolts M6 x 25mm
  • 2 spacer sleeves 12 mm x 10 mm
  • 2 plain and 2 tooth lock washers for fine adjustment

Make sure there is sufficient space between the battery terminals and the motorcycle frame or other conductive parts!

1 050 Ft (827 Ft + ÁFA)  


Battery Acid, 1 Litre

Battery acid, 1 litre

  • Acid density: 1.28
  • Only to be used for conventional batteries (not maintenance-free)
  • To find out how much acid you need to fill your battery, please refer to the pdf file "Battery sizes and acid quantities" under "Instructions/Guides" in the "More product info" box below.
  • For legal reasons it is only possible to deliver up to four litres at a time.

May be corrosive to metals, Causes severe skin burns and eye damage, Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection., IF SWALLOWED:, IF ON SKIN (or hair):, IF IN EYES:, If exposed or concerned:, Immediately call a POISON CENTER, doctor/physician or ..., Rinse mouth., Do NOT induce vomiting., Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing., Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes., Rinse skin with water/shower., Immediately take off all contaminated clothing.

1 750 Ft (1 378 Ft + ÁFA)  

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