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Handlebar Grips "Cruiser"Pair

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Handlebar Grips "Cruiser"

"Cruiser" Handlebar Grips:

These high-quality chromed grips look awesome on almost any bike.. The end caps can be unscrewed and removed to enable bar ends, bar-end turn signals or vibration killers to be installed easily. The rubber inserts ensure the best possible grip at all times, even when riding in rain. Sold in pairs. Available for metric (22 mm diameter) and imperial handlebars.

  • Overall length: approx. 150 mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Grip end: removable threaded end cap
  • Outside diameter: approx. 42 mm
  • Grip circumference: approx. 136 mm
  • For inch or metric handlebars

These grips are suitable for universal fitting to a variety of handlebars. In rare cases there may be compatibility problems due to differing handlebar diameters, depending on the particular manufacturer. It may also be necessary to customise the original throttle grip sleeve. On some models a small amount of metal has to be filed away. The grips should fit tightly, but should push on without too much effort. It is very important to check the fit before installing them. Never force them on!

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*CRUISER* GRIPS FOR IMPERIAL HANDLEBAR 10019582 rendelhető a 22. héttől 14 000 Ft - 0 +