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You can trust the expertise of the international OEM. Louis sells the original kit (comprising chain + front/rear sprockets) from the Japanese manufacturer Daido Corp. and its authorised German importer. Never settle for second best.

  • D.I.D chains in these original kits always conform to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers and/or Daido Corp. Click on "Catalogue page in PDF format" below to find out whether a particular chain kit contains an endless chain or an open chain with rivet-type or clip connecting link.

  • The catalogue page includes a column "S", which contains the following codes: E = endless chain, N = open chain with rivet-type connecting link and C = open chain with clip connecting link.
As a general rule, we recommend that, for your own safety, endless chains should not be modified prior to fitting. If, however, this would involve dismantling the swing arm and you, or the workshop, wish to avoid this operation, you can also order a suitable connecting link from us. You will find a range of links if you enter the search term "Connecting link" or check in the latest Louis catalogue. You should take into account any information from the chain manufacturer concerning the warranty. This information can be found in the installation instructions for the chain set.

  • Less greasing and less tightening required. In the medium-term, an O-ring or X-ring chain is always more economical than a standard chain
  • As modern motorcycles continue to develop, drive components have to cope with ever-increasing demands. New, more powerful machines and the requirement for materials to have a longer service life demand a new solution - and it is provided by D.I.D. in the form of X-ring chains. The specially shaped sealing rings significantly alter the friction area of the links. At the same time, doubling the number of sealing points from 2 to 4 has the effect of safeguarding far more effectively against lubricant loss and also provides optimum protection against dirt.
  • All this results in an extremely long service life. This chain can effortlessly withstand major stresses and strains, and also offers noticeably improved operational characteristics.
  • All X-ring chains (with the exception of VX chains) feature gold-plated outer links.

Never attempt to install a motorcycle chain unless you have at least basic technical expertise.

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  • HONDA MTX 80 C, 78 ccm, 1982 - 1986 (HD06)
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